Fate Magazine Celebrates 60 Years of Weirdness, Bigfoot Unavailable for Comment

From psychics to bigfoot sightings to the ongoing alien invasion, Fate Magazine has been bringing a dose of weirdness to subscribers since 1948, and it shows no signs of flagging. Fate's current issue is its 700th, and includes "True Reports of the Strange and Unknown" such as "Headless Horseman of Stones River," profiles the mysterious "lightning man," and takes a good hard look at the Minnesota Wood Wizards ("Who were these guys, and where did they come from?"). This month's exposé, "Is This A Piece of an Extraterrestrial Craft?"--paired with a reprint of 1958's "Things That Fall From UFOs"--nicely illustrates how far we've come in our quest to really want to believe. For a less wide-eyed view of things paranormal, upstart publications such as Skeptic or even the Fortean Times might be a better bet, and for those in search of more conspiracy theories and Lost Atlantean Knowledge, there's always the rest of the internet.

You just can't beat the old Fate covers, though, and seriously, when the aliens do land, can you really afford to be taken by surprise?

View a Slideshow of classic Fate magazine covers:

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