Firefly Farms Cheese is Addictive

I have a new food obsession thanks to the Baltimore Farmers' Market (Holliday and Saratoga streets, under the Jones Falls Expressway, (410) 752-8632, I am absolutely hooked on Firefly Farms cheese. The Garrett County farm makes all its artisanal cheese from goat's milk which is not only delicious but easier to digest, making it a lactose-intolerant cheese-lovers dream. The Cabra La Mancha is a delicious firm white cheese with a subtle rich flavor uncharacteristic of chevre. But it's the Mountain Top Blue that absolutely blew me away. It's a combination of a crumbly pungent cheese and a silky, mellow, brie-like cheese, similar to and every bit as good as Humboldt Fog produced by big time goat cheese makers Cypress Grove. FireFly Farms cheese isn't cheap—hunks went for $12 a pop at the market last Sunday—but the portions are massive and you get to eat deliciously local.

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