News Roundup

Change of Scenery: If not for the events in London, surely the changes at Central Booking would be getting more attention. But maybe not? How many changes-at-the-jail stories have there been over the past few years?

No Hope: Also interesting in today's Sun, Grant Huang and Arthur Hirsch report that the Anti-Defamation League will ask Congress and the secretary of the Navy to put the kibosh on mandatory lunchtime prayers at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis. For more, see earlier reports on the ADL's request at The Washington Post and The Jewish Week.

Invest Wisely: In Sunday's Sun, Jamie Smith Hopkins took a look at the amount of investor activity in Baltimore's real-estate scene. It's not pretty; in the first four months of this year, according to the report, investors (aka non-owner/occupants) made up 67 percent of home sales in the city. Today, Smith Hopkins fields questions from readers, including CP's own Ed Ericson.

Hate in the ‘Burbs: Good story in today's Post, by Daniel de Vise, on disputed hate-crime statistics in Anne Arundel County.

Secular Send-Off: Going-away stories are frustrating. Often you've never heard of the person being given a send-off, but wish you had. Such is the case with Jewish Times' profile of secular-humanist rabbi Judith Seid, who's left Baltimore to move to San Francisco.

Silly Season: This has to be one of the goofiest political kerfuffles of recent days, and that's saying something. Local Africa-American leaders and then (yawn) Michael Olesker criticize Gov. Robert Ehrlich for his recent $1,000/head fundraiser at the Elkridge Club, which has never had a black member in its 127-year history. Fair enough. However, they failed to note/didn't know (and stupidly didn't look it up) that not a few Democrats have held fundraisers at the city line country club over the years. Meaning Ehrlich can run to ‘BAL, do some verbal jujitsu, and rile up his, ahem, less-enlightened white Baltimore-area base. And not just say, "Oops, won't say I'm sorry, but won't happen again."

Passage to India: At the BBJ, they send their reporters--in this case Julekha Dash--to India. (To check out the emerging tech scene, offshored jobs, etc.) Just, you know, pointing it out.

Hotel Halt: The NYT's Gary Gately takes no sides in the simmering battle between neighborhood/religious activists and our City Council president over the proposed convention center HQ hotel.

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