Capitol Steps

Cellular Division: It's a long way till next year's gubernatorial Democratic primary election, but Montgomery County Executive Doug Duncan, realizing he's far behind in the polls, isn't letting that stop him from taking potshots at his main Democratic rival, Mayor Martin O'Malley. In today's Post, John Wagner reports that Dunan is blaming the mayor for the demise of the stem cell bill, saying hizzoner was silent on the subject till way-late in the legislative session; O'Malley's people pooh-pooh the allegations, of course.

Speaking of The Sun Poll, ombudsman Paul Moore defends its use, front-page play, etc., in his Sunday column. He gets it pretty much right, though former Poynter Institute president Jim Naughton's warning about the ever-increasing unreliability of polls, due to folks' reluctance to answer their phones, should have gotten better play. Minor complaint, however.

Back in Black: Not exactly a political story, but yesterday's announcement of overstuffed city ($37.5 million), state ($400 million), and county ($90 million) coffers, despite the ailing economy, should provide pols some pork to toss around.

On the Road: Not satisfied with the outcome of General Assembly 2005, Gov. Robert Ehrlich is hitting the road (Monday Post story), namely Republican-friendly employers, to promote his agenda. And here's today's Sun's version.

Two More: Finally, for the Maryland Jewish Alliance's perspective on the session just passed, check out the Jewish Times' legislative wrap-up. And Sun Perspective columnist C. Fraser Smith on the session's biggest winner, Fair Share Health Care lobbyist Vincent DeMarco.

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