David Simon urges Tribune Co. not to sell the Sun to Koch brothers

David Simon, who spent 13 years as a reporter for the Baltimore Sun before creating The Wire and Treme, has lent his voice to a campaign urging the Sun's owners, the Chicago-based Tribune Company, not to sell the paper to the oil-company heirs and right-wing activists Charles and David Koch.Simon explains his rationale for opposing the sale in a video, posted below, that accompanies a petition by the Working Families party, "telling the Tribune Company not to sell to the Koch brothers!"In the video, Simon says, "When I heard that the Koch brothers - bless their hearts - were interested in purchasing newspapers, and the Baltimore Sun, my alma mater, in particular, I thought, well that's kinda the last nail in the coffin."Simon goes on to suggest that newspapers share some blame for their plight, particularly for looking to Wall St. for advice, and says it's impossible for newspapers to be "an outside voice" if they "represent a particular ideology," and closes by suggesting, "You can't have a great city without a great newspaper. They run together."

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