Evidence seized in FBI’s BGF prison-corruption raids documented in federal court

About five weeks after the unsealing of the racketeering indictment against members of the Black Guerrilla Family (BGF) prison gang and their alleged correctional-officer comrades, on May 31 court documents were publicly docketed that summarize what law enforcers took from 13 Baltimore-area locations during early-morning raids on Apr. 23. What follows is a summary, based on court records, of the seizures and the accusations leveled against the co-defendants associated with the raided locations.Taryn Kirkland: 8 Greenbury Ct., Apt. F, Gwynn OakA 23-year-old correctional officer (CO), Kirkland was one of 14 COs allegedly advertised in prison-wall graffiti at the Baltimore City Detention Center as willing to take $150 in exchange for oral sex. She's accused coordinating with two other co-defendant COs – Katrina LaPrade and Jennifer Owens – to smuggle contraband on behalf of co-defendant inmates Tavon White and Steven Loney. After LaPrade carried pot past the drug-sniffing dogs at the jail one day, Kirkland, while on the phone with Loney, said: "So them dogs ain't shit."Items recovered from Kirkland's apartment provide evidence of financial dealings consistent with the BGF's alleged operations – namely the use of pre-paid debit or credit cards, many of them known as "Green Dots," to move money around. In addition to numerous phones, documents, and credit cards, agents seized:- "two (2) black wrapped balls of unidentified substance"- "one (1) glass digital scale"- "one (1) vacuum sealer"- "bottle with (29) capsules, suspected Fluoxetine," an anti-depressant- "bottle with forty-one (41) tablets, suspected Lorazepam," a sedativeAntonia Allison: 3047 Arunah Ave., BaltimoreAllison, 27, is accused of smuggling pills and pot for White, working to do so in tandem with another co-defendant CO, Katera Stevenson. She was captured speaking on the phone by case agents, who recorded her saying: "Alright, well do those first, pills [presciption pills] and the strips [Suboxone strips], they the easiest, get them out the way. You know they gonna sell fast." Prior to the current scandal, Allison was the main defendant in a much-publicized inmate lawsuit, which she eventually settled, that brought to light not only the brutal circumstances that led to its filing – inmate Tashma McFadden's gang-related near-fatal beating, which he claimed Allison facilitated in retaliation for an argument he had with her – but also the fact that a correctional investigator in 2006 and 2007 had developed a long list of COs believed to be affiliated with or members of prison gangs, and had committed the list to two memos before he was told by his superiors to stop doing so.Along with Green Dot cards and receipts, a laptop, a digital camera, numerous cell phones, and various documents and paperwork, raid agents took the following from Allison's residence:- "2 packages brown paper leafy substance (suspected marijuana) w/ 2 pckg rolling papers"- "sleep aid pill bottle containing plastic baggie w/ suspected marijuana"- "2 prescription pill bottles, ‘morphine' 30-mg tab – 12  Antonia Allison"- "3 pills believed to be lithium 300 mg," which is used to treat manic depression- "digital scale w/ residue"- "heat sealed bag – suspected marijuana"- "red back pack containing tobacco, drug packaging materials"Chania Brooks: 511 Lake Vista Circle, Apt. J, CockeysvilleBrooks' name allegedly was memorialized in BCDC graffiti, identifying her as one of 14 COs will to give oral sex for $150, and she allegedly is one of four COs impregnated by White. The 27-year-old alleged pill-smuggler left her post while on duty Jan. 1, according to court documents, after witnessing Loney being attacked by another BGF member, in order to ask White how to handle the situation. She filed assault charges in state court last winter against co-defendant CO Stevenson, who also allegedly became pregnant by White. Investigators on the case intercepted a phone conversation Brooks had with yet another co-defendant CO who White allegedly impregnated – Tiffany Linder – in which Brooks allegedly says: "I don't give a fuck about that baby. That's y'all baby, not mine. We having one too. So what?"In addition to a cell phone, a laptop, and letters, notes, and documents, raid agents seized from Brooks' apartment:-"Moneygram receipts"-"Ciprofloxican pills," an antibiotic-"Hyrocodone pills," an opioid pain-relieverKimberly Dennis: 2231 Wheatley Dr., Apt. 304, BaltimoreThe first phone FBI investigators wiretapped in the case belonged to CO Dennis, 26, who last October allegedly bragged about making $2,000 in a week by bringing contraband into jail to Derius Duncan, one of the two inmate co-defendants – along with Joseph Young – with whom Dennis is accused of conspiring to smuggle. In December, when an inmate who'd been smuggling without paying a tax to the BGF was stabbed, she said to an unknown male over her phone: "Yeah, them niggas banged him. It was like six of them. Because when he first got over there he was catching or whatever. It was a, umm, issue ‘cause you know, like, whoever catch, you gotta pay a bill."The raid team took from Dennis' apartment some cell phones, an iPad, a digital camera, documents and records, and:- "75 gel caps filled w/ white, powdery substance (some marked in blue, some marked in black)"- "1 gelcap filled w/ white, powdery substance"- "2 sm. Blue baggies w/ white, powdery substance"- "3 Top cigarette paper packs"- "Dept. of rec & park ID (Yarborough)"- "razor blade, thread in cardboard tray"- "insurance card for Chevy Camaro"- "scented wax cubes & beads"- "8 rolls of thread"- "razor blade"- "roll of plastic bags"- "‘sealmeal' bag sealer"- "box of Trojan magnum condoms"- "3 razor blades"- "bag of empty gel caps"They also seized Dennis' "white Chevy Camaro," according to court documents.Jasmine Jones: 401 Notthingham Rd., BaltimoreCo-defendant CO Jones, 24, allegedly put $500 into a pre-paid credit-card account on behalf of co-defendant inmate Jamar Anderson, an act which prosecutors say amounted to helping the BGF launder money. She also allegedly conspired with Anderson's girlfriend, co-defendant Teshawn Pinder, to smuggle pot into prison for Anderson.When her home was raided, agents seized a cell phone, a laptop, financial documents and bank statements, a 2012 tax return, and:- "Misc mail, Western Union forms, Insurance Documents, Prison Documents"- "unopened mail to Jasmine Jones from Johns Hopkins University"- "photo, M&T Bank return item notice"Katrina Laprade: 2821 Ridgewood Ave., BaltimoreWith Kirkland's help, CO Laprade, 31, allegedly delivered pot to Loney, right under the noses of the jail's drug-sniffing dogs. In addition to cell phones, a GPS unit, a Green Dot card, a 2012 tax return, and "numerous pieces of paper with handwritten numbers," agents seized from her home:- "gray bag with tobacco"- "plastic bag containing two bags of tobacco and Ziploc bags"- "security camera"- "Nike box containing tobacco and hospital document"- "one (1) package containing Top cigarette papers"- "One (1) bag containing baggies with red apple"- "Top cigarette paper"- "Two (2) plastic wrapped items containing green plant matter"- "one (1) roll of plastic wrapping material"- "white plastic bag with red writing containing suspected tobacco"- "letter addressed to Katrina Lyons"Tiffany Linder: 1858 Eagle Ct., SevernA 27-year-old CO and alleged contraband smuggler, Linder in January allegedly tipped off White of an impending jail shakedown, so that the BGF would be ready when authorities arrived to search inmates' cells for contraband. White allegedly impregnated her, and a conversation she had with him was intercepted by investigators, who recorded her saying: "I just want to know what it is between us and what are you going to do about the baby ‘cause I'm definitely keeping him. I don't have time for games."From her home, investigators took three cell phones, documents, and:- "12 disposable 35mm cameras"- "Walmart receipt, Moneygram receipt & phone number"Vivian Matthews: 4522 Hamilton Ave., BaltimoreCO Matthews, 25, allegedly declined smuggling opportunities but was a prodigious procurer of prescription drugs. Agents listened as she told White, over the phone, what pills she had available: "I got one hundred Xanax's, ninety of them white and then the ten of them. They orange. They the footballs. No, all of them footballs. And I got twelve Percocets." She is among the 14 COs whose names adorned the jail's walls as grafitti, advertising their willingness to give oral sex for $150.Along with two cell phones, agents seized from her home:- "notes, prescriptions, doctor bills"- "envelopes with doctor's address"- "medical paperwork and receipts"- "letters w/ phone numbers and doctor's address"- "4 bottles prescription pills & brown bag w/ white pills"Tyesha Mayo: 1021 Pennsylvania Ave., Apartment 101, BaltimoreMayo, 29, allegedly helped her cousin, White, launder BGF proceeds using Green Dot cards and conspired with CO Stevenson to get pot to White. In addition to a cell phone, a day planner, a "notebook with phone numbers," and miscellaneous mail, the raid team seized from Mayo's apartment:- "newspaper clipping of homicide w/ phone numbers"- "Maryland auto registration for Mercedes Benz 2000"- "funeral program for Ralph Timmons ‘Boosa'," a co-defendant in the case who was murdered before the indictment was unsealed- "2002 Acura MD Tag"Jennifer Owens: 3926 Noyes Circle, Apt. 4, RandallstownWhite allegedly has impregnated 31-year-old CO Owens twice – an issue that she addressed in a wiretapped phone call in which she says, "I'm fucking pregnant again. Like really, who the fuck does that? Only my dumb ass do shit like that, for real. I can accept that I fucked up. I know I did, but I did that shit cuz I wanted to. I don't regret it." She's also allegedly among 14 COs named in graffiti at the jail that says they'll accept $150 for oral sex – though Owens is the only one that allegedly has "Tavon" tattoed on her neck.Agents took from her apartment a cell phone, a computer, a Klu tablet, many Green Dot and other types of pre-paid credit cards, financial documents, mail, and:- "Western Union Money order for $100"- "receipt from Silverman, Thompson, Slutkin & White," a law firm- "Handwritten court document"- "Silver colored ring w/ clear stones"- "financial card bearing ‘Visa' and the name ‘Ralph Timmons'," a co-defendant who was murdered before the indictment was unsealed- "letter from Tavon White to Boozer Timmons"- "documents with phone number & inmate pass"Teshawn Pinder: 2512 Edgecombe Circle North, Apt. C, BaltimoreCo-defendant inmate Anderson's girlfriend, 24-year-old Pinder is alleged to be an outside supplier who smuggled contraband to Anderson with the help of co-defendant CO Jasmin Jones. Along with prison letters, vehicle documents, and Green Dot and other pre-paid credit or debit cards, agents took from Pinder's home:- "box of federal ammunition containing 8 (eight) rounds of .45 caliber ammunition"- "two (2) latex gloves"- "8 rounds of .45 caliber Federal ammunition from magazine"- "one (1) magazine from Ruger P94 firearm"- "Rock Island Armory .45 caliber hand gun"- "Ruger P94 .40 caliber handgun"- "one (1) magazine for Rock Island Armory handgun"Adrena Rice: 9 Mainview Court, RandallstownCO Rice, 25, allegedly smuggled pot to White, who suspected she stole some of the contraband he'd paid to have delivered. She voiced her compulsion to make money by smuggling while on a wiretapped phone, saying: "When I came back in the jail, I'm like, shit, I'm not going to stop making my money. You feel me? I seen what the fuck was going on, asked a few people, what was up and who was who, and what was what. I am just about my money. You hear me? I got to get it."Agents recovered from her home two cell phones, a pre-paid cash card, and:- "inmate letter from Marvin Dorsey"- "prescription oxycodone/acetaminophen," a pain-killer- "prescription Trazodone," and anti-depressant- "‘smelly proof' bags with possible residue"- "letter from Kelvin Robbins"- "possible ‘shank'"Katera Stevenson: 5919 Chinquapin Parkway, B/2nd FloorCO Stevenson, 24, who is accused of smuggling pot and prescription pills to White, allegedly became pregnant by White and has "Tavon" tattoed on her wrist. While using a wiretapped phone, she allegedly said that White "think I'm one of the most crazy baby mother's he has. He said he gonna pay my rent. He gonna pay my rent. 284 every month." She's also accused of smuggling contraband to co-defendant inmate Jermaine McFadden, and on Jan. 10 was arrested after trying to bring pot into the jail, but the charges were later tabled by state prosecutors.Agents seized only a few items from Stevenson's home: "miscellaneous papers with phone numbers and names," two debit cards, "miscellaneous mail and handwritten notes," and a cell phone.The lists of items seized from locations associated with two other co-defendants – Tyrone Thompson, 36, of 2920 W. Walbrook Ave. in Baltimore, who's accused of delivering pills to two other co-defendants, and CO Jasmine Thornton, 26, of 336 Adams Ct. in Glen Burnie, who allegedly smuggled contraband for numerous inmates – have not yet been docketed in the court record.

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