Watch Bill O’Reilly call MD corrections boss Maynard "a moron" over BGF scandal

Fox News show The O'Reilly Factor yesterday aired a new segment about Maryland's correctional corruption scandal (watch it below), with correspondent Jesse Watters interviewing an anonymous former Baltimore City Detention Center detainee who described a free-for-all party scene for inmates and confronting Gov. Martin O'Malley (D) and Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services secretary Gary Maynard.O'Malley, while fielding Watters' questions about the 2010 Correctional Officers' Bill of Rights law that curtailed Maryland government's disciplinary powers over prison staffers, claimed "there have been 89 people terminated from the corrections service even before these 13" correctional officers were indicted in April for racketeering with the Black Guerrilla Family prison gang and asserted, as he has before, that "we initiated this investigation."When Watters asked Maynard whether he should lose his job over the scandal, Maynard said "we opened up this problem" and "I know I'm the man to fix" it. Watters invited him to come on the show, and Maynard retorted, "I don't watch his program" – to which Watters suggested, "Maybe you should," and Maynard, sounding very much a cornered school boy, retorted, "Well, maybe you should.""Is that guy as dumb as he sounds?" host Bill O'Reilly asked when the Maynard clip ended, adding that the man "sounded like a moron."The Factor seems likely to stay on this scandal, with O'Reilly pointing out that, "we'd like to talk to governor O'Malley, and Maynard, too."

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