Two Great Tastes

| Image by Brian Ralph/ Yeah, this is a music blog, but nothing goes better with the rock 'n' roll than comic books, except maybe beer. OK, beer wins, but you can't drink beer through your internet connection. At least not yet. Back in December when we Q&A'ed local cartoonist/illustrator/MICA instructor/Fort Thunder (the Providence, R.I., art/music collective that's given the world its own fair share of tweaked rock 'n' roll bands) alumnus about his new book, the first volume of Daybreak, we figured we'd have to wait at least a year or two to see the next installment of this first-person post-apocalyptic adventure. Not true.Over at the New Bodega blog, Ralph's been posting new chapters of Daybreak, several panels at a time, along with other goodies, like this aborted Mickey Mouse adventure and a sneak peek at the cover to his upcoming book Crum Bums. Mixed in are postings from other members of the Highwater Books (Ralph's publisher till it went kaput a few years ago) diaspora, including Ron Regé Jr., Jeff Czekaj, Greg Cook, and Kurt Wolfgang, including posters, sketches, and album cover designs for bands like Regé's Lavender Diamond.More local comix can be found at the Savage Pencils blog, up since January '06, which mainly focuses on art by Prof. Ralph's MICA students. It looks like a place where they post works-in-progress, class notes, and the occasional M.U.S.C.L.E. toy. Finally, for some classic, circa-Fireball Brian Ralph, go to the Fort Thunder web site for "Monster at the Beach."

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