Politicians and public officials often try to co-opt songs and pop culture references when they’re on the campaign trail. It makes them “relatable” or something. It’s rarer to see a public official cite lyrics when referencing a matter of the law; rarer still is a public official using the lyrics of a band as awesome as the Smiths.

So we were pleasantly surprised when we read Justin Fenton’s story about the Southeast nightclub Voltage having its liquor license revoked and saw liquor board chairman Stephan Fogleman quoting “The Queen Is Dead” in reference to the predicament facing the club’s owner, Louis J. Principio III. The former owner of Hammerjacks, Principio, 66, pondered if he was too old for the nightclub business, prompting Fogleman to drop the Morrissey-penned line, “Has the world changed, or have I changed?”

“Mr. Principio hasn’t changed, but I think the standards of the community have changed,” Fogleman, who tweets frequently and amusingly as @BaltoBeerBaron, told Fenton after the hearing.

It’s a pretty interesting song choice for a guy involved with liquor licenses when you consider Moz refers to the pub as a place that “saps” and “wrecks” your body. Nevertheless, we approve.

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