Baltimore's Globe

Baltimore's Globe: The Chesapeake Shakespeare Company Brings The Bard Downtown--and Moves Indoors

In 2012, the Chesapeake Shakespeare Company was looking for a new home. It had outgrown its Howard...

Baltimore Playwrights Festival Offers Timely Exploration Of The Lost Opportunity Of The 2000 Camp David Summit

The Camp David summit in the summer of 2000 has become a major talking point in the never-ending...

Under the Poplar Trees

The Holocaust has been the subject of so many movies, plays, and books that it...

Baltimore Shakespeare Factory Presents Funny But Flawed Production of Much Ado About Nothing

What is the handsomest theater space in Baltimore? Everyman Theatre, Single Carrot Theatre, and...

Annex's Superb Performance Captures The Revolutionary Feel Of Peter Weiss' Play "Marat/Sade"

The Annex Theater keeps its audience waiting on the corner of North Avenue and Charles Street before...


Live Review: Balladeer Jackson Browne shows a sense of humor in his lively concert at the Hippodrome

Jackson Browne's current U.S. tour is billed as a solo performance, with the veteran singer-...

Sisqo releases a new single featuring Waka Flocka Flame

If Sisqo was ever on the A-list, it was back in the 'Thong Song' days. And if Dru Hill's last...

Kind of Blue

Effervescent Collective's Founder Lily Kind Says Farewell To Charm City, leaving hole in Baltimore's dance scene

Even when she is sitting, it is obvious that Lily Kind is a dancer. It's not because she has her...

Under Siege

Under Siege

The Apocalypse comes at 6 p.m.

Center Stage’s production of Colman Domingo’s play shouldn’t work . . . but it does

Hilarity Ensues

There's a scene early in Colman Domingo's Wild with Happy at Center Stage where the protagonist, a...

Through June 20 at Acme Corporation

The acquisition of language is one of the great philosophical problems: It is...

Annex Theater takes on Maoist propaganda

A baby has already been thrown off a cliff, and the play has hardly begun. This is the Annex...

Lola Pierson talks about telling stories and learning to talk

Experimental theater has a reputation for being unfriendly, if not downright...

Geopolitical events lead to cancellation of Russian theater festival

Things in Russia have changed so much during the five years Yury Urnov has spent in...

A stoned American crudely revisits the hallowed attic of Anne Frank

In late 1999, just before the Y2K disaster, I made a terrible mistake.

Connor Kizer's play imagines all time as a single moment

"I love thinking about time in a trippy way and what it means to be outside of...

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