• Hilarity Ensues

    Hilarity Ensues

    Center Stage's production of Colman Domingo's play shouldn't work...but it does

  • Through June 20 at Acme Corporation

    The acquisition of language is one of the great philosophical problems: It is impossible to go from not having it to having it without presupposing it. Think of the stereotypical cave man grunting a grunt that means "food." How can he ever tell the other cavemen that the grunt "means" anything,...

  • Annex Theater takes on Maoist propaganda

    A baby has already been thrown off a cliff, and the play has hardly begun. This is the Annex Theater's production of Taking Tiger Mountain By Strategy, and as can be expected with a play adapted from a Red China propagandist opera, the characterization is pretty straightforward. The bad guys -anti-communist...

  • Lola Pierson talks about telling stories and learning to talk

    Experimental theater has a reputation for being unfriendly, if not downright hostile, toward the audience, but Baltimore's Lola Pierson has been trying to turn that characterization on its head. Ever since she founded the Ten Minute Play Festival as a Towson theater graduate student, Pierson has...

  • Geopolitical events lead to cancellation of Russian theater festival

    Things in Russia have changed so much during the five years Yury Urnov has spent in Baltimore that he jokes it feels more like 350 years. When he first arrived in 2009, he worked with the Center for International Theatre Development (CITD) to host the New Russian Drama Festival. This November,...