Portrait of a Scene: An artist reflects on the Baltimore Portrait Project

Portrait of a Scene: An artist reflects on the Baltimore Portrait Project

I am totally one of those super-ADD people who doesn’...

Joyce J. Scott's show skewers the malignancy of self-righteous narcissism

Longer than it is wide, bell-shaped at one end, anchored by two ovoids at the other--yep, that's a...

AVAM's annual show presents big gains for the museum

When I visited the Prado Museum in Madrid last year, I...

The Freddy Gallery Bars Its Windows, Courts New York, Hosts Show Of Miniatures

A caravan of miniature automobiles sets the scene: A...


Local street artist Nether creates work on bus stop where video captured police beating citizen

Over the last year or so, Baltimore street artist Nether has been demolishing the somewhat stale...

Premiere: DJ AngelBaby and Mighty Mark's 'Avenue' music video

DJ Angelbaby has spent the past few years helping to resurrect Baltimore club music in Baltimore, in...

Today: Devil's Night Halloween Cover Show

Some of our favorite local bands are celebrating Halloween in disguise as their favorite bands. Five...

Today: Geo-Poe: A Literary Geo-Caching Adventure

If you haven’t noticed, short Poe-y stories have been hidden all over the city to be hunted...

Conflicts of Interest: Casting shadows in a cave

Conflicts of Interest: Casting shadows in a cave

Beats skittered off the black, cave-...

Creative Scene-Making

On the very same day our State of the Arts...

Come Mayor $RB, Won't You Smoke a Little Weed With Me?

Come Mayor $RB, Won't You Smoke a Little Weed With Me?

They arrested me for having weed in my high school...

Best of Baltimore

Best of Baltimore

Even my hangover is hungover after what...

Copycat Kids Grow Up

Copycat Kids Grow Up

A few weeks ago, I started corresponding with Brooks Kossover ...

Freedom and Order

Freedom and Order

My wife, CP contributor Nicole King (pictured, left), and I were sitting in a park sipping from a...

Pussy Riot Hates Me

Pussy Riot Hates Me

On Friday morning, my wife told me

Cubists, gods, strippers, and slow contraptions

Cubists, gods, strippers, and slow contraptions

The writer Lawrence Weschler has spent the last several...

Conflicts of Interest

Conflicts of Interest

Watching the electronic duo Matmos on the stage in the...

Conflicts of Interest

Conflicts of Interest

For the first time in decades, City Paper was not invited...

Do The Limbo

Transmodern Comes Back Bigger Than Ever And Tackles The Underworld With Experimental Performances

At dusk on the autumnal Equinox, Valeska Populoh watches as...

Not Alone

Force: Upsetting Rape Culture Brings Its Monument Quilt Back To Baltimore As Part Of A National Tour

Emma Sulkowicz started her senior year at Columbia University last week with some...

High Concept

High Zero Returns With Its Inimitable Brand Of Avant-Garde Weirdness

“I actually paint on a treadmill,” the man...

El Ojo Del Tigre

El Ojo Del Tigre: Creative Alliance Show Digs Into Latin-American Identity

The coolest thing on any wall in Baltimore right now hangs in one corner of the Creative Alliance at...

Contemporary Icons

Stephen Towns' Paintings Bring Traditional Styles Together With Contemporary Figures To Ask Difficult Questions

The five colorful portraits of African-Americans (including a smiling child) hanging in the...


Alloverstreet Is An Art Walk That Doesn't Suck

Art is the most honest way to deal with our inability to understand the world. Our knowledge of...

Cosmic Thing

Cosmic Thing: Artists Explore Orders Of Scale At Area 405

The only thing missing from Brandon Morse's `Big Ear' installation is a self-serve psychotropics...

Matter of Fact

Matter of Fact: Goya Contemporary Focuses On What Art Is Made Of

As I place my stained fingers on the lid of a wooden box, apparently painted by Nancy Spero, I can¿t...

This Modern World

This Modern World

“Base Period”

Profusion Not Confusion

Profusion Not Confusion

Sondheim Semifinalists

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