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City Paper's Self Care Issue: Health and wellness for right now

A song I've been playing on a loop lately is 'Hope The High Road,' by country-rocker Jason Isbell & the 400 Unit—it's encouraging and very much what I need to hear right now. Thanks to Isbell's open-and-honest recovered addict cogency, he admits his flaws ("I used to want to be a real man/ I don't...

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Democracy in Crisis


Democracy In Crisis: Archaeological Notes on "Russia"

After the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence hearing on Russian interference with the U.S. election, I had to renew my press credentials and took the elevator down to the private subway that runs beneath the Capitol. As the train approached and the glass doors opened, I imagined a...

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Dog Eat Dog: Two food spots for dog lovers

In honor of this year's Pets Issue, we wanted to highlight a few of Baltimore's dog-themed and dog-friendly eating spots. Bone appetit! (Sorry) Kooper's Chowhound Burger Wagon, (410) 563-5423, Thursday is Koopers Day at City Paper, The Sun, the Transit Administration, and elsewhere...More

  • Butchers Hill Society offers good food, but isn't quite up to par

    Butchers Hill Society offers good food, but isn't quite up to par

    "Are you from the neighborhood?" asked the woman, gray-haired, fuschia-sweatered, from the table behind us. She had already been greeted by other diners passing through the narrow room while she finished her meal, and now, preparing to leave, she was warm while making our acquaintance. When we...

  • Eat 2017

    Eat 2017

    Baltimore is a special kind of food town, with favorites and staples that go beyond our steamed crabs and unwavering loyalty to Old Bay seasoning on anything and everything. You can also get a chicken box smothered in salt and pepper and ketchup, a meaty sandwich piled too high with pit beef, endless...



18 digressions about Hans-Joachim Roedelius

1. Diagonal composer Hans-Joachim Rodelius plays the Creative Alliance on Sunday night, part of a lineup that's a testament to the West German art rock subgenre "krautrock" and its influence on Baltimore. Also on the bill are drum-and-synth minimalists Wume (named after Wümme, the city where clamorous...



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Solo play "Mom Baby God" digs deep into pro-life teen crusaders

I knew from the beginning that comfort was out of the question as I sat in the audience for "Mom Baby God," a one-woman play written and performed by Madeline Burrows and directed by Kathleen Akerly showing as a part of Single Carrot Theatre's four-play festival "Undercurrent: Theatre for Now."...