Bad Seeds

BPD lawsuits portray a department beset by serious allegations

After Baltimore police officer Vincent Cosom apparently sucker-punched Kollin Truss at Greenmount...  more...

The Weed Page
No More Guitar Gods, Only Goddesses

Screaming Females poke guitar-prick patriarchy at U+Nfest

There is a moment during every Screaming Females set when frontwoman Marissa Paternoster steps to...  more...

Spanish Leisure

Café Cito brings fine-dining flavors and laid-back ambiance to Hampden

Since it quietly opened in late spring, Café Cito (3500 Chestnut Ave., [443] 682-9701,...  more...

Good Riddance

David Fincher's latest is less bleak thriller than blackly comic

On the surface, David Fincher¿s adaptation of Gillian Flynn¿s bestselling novel tells the story of the dissolution of the marriage of Nick...  more...

City Paper's 2014 Playoffs Drinking Game
Murder Ink

Murder Ink


Costello Goes To City Hall

Costello Goes To City Hall

Eric Costello was appointed to replace William Cole as the 11th District City Councilman on Sept. 23, after a four-...

The Mail

The Mail

Monumental Memories

Listening Party: Warehouse, "The Destruction"

Listening Party: Warehouse, "The Destruction"

Baltimore is a place where eccentrics have an unusually strong sense of community, forming musical alliances...

Listening Party: Todd Cage, "Screwed Down (Vol. 1)"

Listening Party: Todd Cage, "Screwed Down (Vol. 1)"

Earl Sweartshirt’s bipolar 2013 single ‘Burgundy’ rides a wobbly symphonic beat as Sweatshirt...

Listening Party: Jon Camp, "Earwig"

Listening Party: Jon Camp, "Earwig"

Recorded in Baltimore by guitarist and vegan activist Jon Camp of Kensington, Maryland, “...

Let's Go To The Hop

Mobtown Ballroom brings the Lindy Hop to Pigtown and holds benefit for Poe House

Stained-glass windows line the walls of a former church, built in the 1870s, in Pigtown, but the...

Hot Wheels

The Freddy Gallery Bars Its Windows, Courts New York, Hosts Show Of Miniatures

A caravan of miniature automobiles sets the scene: A white van, a box truck, and a cop car hang...

Do The Limbo

Transmodern Comes Back Bigger Than Ever And Tackles The Underworld With Experimental Performances

At dusk on the autumnal Equinox, Valeska Populoh watches as two African-American men wearing...

Vaccination Nation

Vaccination Nation

We all know the scene: a cold, sterile room; sleeve rolled up to expose the soft flesh of the...

Do Androids Read Electric Books?

2014 Big Books Issue

If you’re a careful reader of this paper, you may have looked at the cover and thought...

Bad Lands

Bad Lands: Like Its Hero, Haruki Murakami's New Novel Is Mired In Colorless Ambiguity

Two college friends, Tsukuru and Haida, listen to `Le mal du pays (Homesickness),¿ the eighth piece of Franz Liszt's "Years of Pilgrimage,"...


Center Stage succeeds in showing Salieri's jealousy

It's a little too easy to reduce Peter Shaffer's play "Amadeus" to a high-concept soundbite: Famous but mediocre composer Antonio Salieri...

Odd Couple

Performance Workshop Theatre mixes intimacy and awkwardness

Small theaters may not be good for battle scenes or chorus lines, but they can't be beat when it comes to intimate bedroom encounters. The...

Drama Drama

Everyman's New Play Takes On A Broadway Production Of Kafka

A union-mandated understudy for a big Broadway show does somewhat resemble the protagonist of a Franz Kafka novel. You rehearse for a role...

Spanish Leisure

Spanish Leisure

Since it quietly opened in late spring, Café Cito (3500 Chestnut Ave., [443] 682-9701,...



Looking for low-end liquor? Consider Kentucky Gentleman bourbon—$6.99 a fifth, or $12.99 by...

Beyond Coffee

Beyond Coffee

When talking to friends about having dinner at Dooby’s (802 N. Charles St., [410] 702-5144,...

Friends in Need

Friends in Need

Friends in Need

I Am Setting My Clock Back Now From Daylight Savings Time But You Can Live Any Way You Want

This week it is officially Fall, and I for one am totally OK with that, because I had a great...

Free Will Astrology

ARIES (March 21-April 19): As I hike through the wilderness at dusk, the crickets always seem to be...

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