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Mount Vernon keeps changing, but can it remain the gayborhood?

The first gay bar that I visited in Baltimore when I arrived almost a decade ago was The Drinkery. I knew nothing about the scene here other than the fact that Mount Vernon was the area that the Internet clearly designated as the home of the LGBTQ community in Baltimore. My wingman and I had no...

  • The Queer Issue

    The Queer Issue

    The New York Times recently ran a piece by Jenna Wortham titled, ‘When Everyone Can Be 'Queer,' Is Anyone?’ In short, Wortham discusses pop culture figures such as rapper Young Thug declaring there is “no gender,” and “the speed with which modern society has adapted to accommodate the world's vast...

  • She, She: Navigating Fear, Femininity, and Queerness with a transgender partner

    She, She: Navigating Fear, Femininity, and Queerness with a transgender partner

    When my partner and I started dating in high school, she presented as male, for the most part. During our courtship—which then involved endless texting on our non-smart flip-phones—she talked openly about her then-genderqueer identity and even wrote a beautiful thinkpiece about going out in women's...

  • The history of Baltimore's lesbian bar scene

    The history of Baltimore's lesbian bar scene

    In the August 1979 issue of Baltimore's long-running Gay Community Center newspaper, Greg Lehne wrote about casual sex in the gay men's community in his column, "Gay Perspectives." How do you let a man know you are interested in getting to know him, not just getting it on? Lehne advised looking...

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Gallery owner, artist, once an insider, now a step away from being out

Dwight Whitley is better than this. His connections used to mean something. Back when George Winfield ran public works, Whitley would meet him at home after work and hang out. "His wife was a sweetheart," Whitley says. "He'd come in and say 'why'd you let this nigger in here?'" He laughs, remembering...

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The latest season of 'Orange Is the New Black' is for white people

If you deny something from a group of people for a really long time, they'll be happy with any morsel you throw their way. That's why "Orange Is the New Black," Netflix's hit comedic drama about women held in a minimum security prison, Litchfield Penitentiary, was so successful in the first place....More

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LGBTQ reading recommendations

"Wet Moon: Feeble Wanderings" by Sophie Campbell (Oni Press) Set in Savannah, Georgia, at an art school, graphic novel "Wet Moon" is a sprawling millennial soap opera (that's a good thing, by the way) that began in 2004 and consists of six volumes and a few hundred pages so far (this recent reissue...



Single Carrot penetrates an aging mind in 'Midlife'

"The rules have changed." Those words are almost an incantation throughout "Midlife," Single Carrot's last production of their ninth season, which is devoted to the theme "No-Fear New Work." Indeed, Single Carrot's commitment to taking risks continues in a big way with the world premiere of playwright,...