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"The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks" Screening in Photos

The Turner Station community held a screening of the new HBO movie "The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks," which tells the story of how Johns Hopkins doctors took cancer cells from Lacks' body, without her permission, at the Fleming Center. Lacks was a resident of Turner Station. Check out our...

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City Paper's 2017 Weed Issue

In 2014, City Paper put out our first Weed Issue, tying our coverage specifically to decriminalization in Baltimore. Our larger goal was to stop hiding or hedging what we said when it came to weed, and to not only write about weed openly and honestly, but also as if it were totally normal—which...

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Democracy in Crisis


Democracy in Crisis Episode 12: D. Watkins and the Death of Freddie Gray

On this week’s episode, hosts Baynard Woods and Marc Steiner talk with D. Watkins, educator, editor at large at, and the author of "The Cook Up," and "The Beast Side" about the drug war and Freddie Gray, who died after being arrested in Baltimore two years ago this week. And composer...

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Like Fine Wine: Terpenes are what's next for weed

Steve Herin, a pot farmer in Pueblo, Colorado, who has won two Cannabis Cup prizes, can recall the first time he tasted good pot. As it happens, he says I sold it to him. This was more than 20 years ago in South Carolina, and though I don't recall selling him any, I know exactly what he is talking...More


  • Wild Heart: On Stevie Nicks and her dogged tenderness

    Wild Heart: On Stevie Nicks and her dogged tenderness

    At Royal Farms Arena a couple weeks ago, CP's Performing Arts Editor Maura Callahan and I are standing among a swarm of people who all look like vaguely different amalgamations of a certain type of person I have known throughout my life—people I grew up going to church with, people I worked for,...

  • 18 digressions about Hans-Joachim Roedelius

    18 digressions about Hans-Joachim Roedelius

    1. Diagonal composer Hans-Joachim Rodelius plays the Creative Alliance on Sunday night, part of a lineup that's a testament to the West German art rock subgenre "krautrock" and its influence on Baltimore. Also on the bill are drum-and-synth minimalists Wume (named after Wümme, the city where clamorous...

  • Caleb Stine and the Revelations brings country rock and quiet resistance

    Caleb Stine and the Revelations brings country rock and quiet resistance

    Remington gem Caleb Stine's country-folk at Trinacria Italian Cafe on Friday, Feb. 24, was full of moments that threatened to take one's breath away with their sincerity and craft, rousing a crowd into hoots, hollers, and claps over pizza and pasta. With the help of a six-piece dubbed the Revelations...

  • HEY GRIFF!: Baltimore club icon steps away from 92Q's 9 O'Clock mix

    HEY GRIFF!: Baltimore club icon steps away from 92Q's 9 O'Clock mix

    Roll down the car window at any red light in Baltimore around 9 o’clock on a Friday night and you’re almost guaranteed to hear KW Griff’s 92Q radio club mix bumpin’ from the car next to you. Since about 1996, Griff – the acclaimed Unruly Records producer and 92Q DJ – has spun a spry soundtrack...



Shoot em' up "Free Fire" is middle-of-the-road, micro-scale mayhem

Director Ben Wheatley's latest, "Free Fire," is not so much an action movie as it is—by design—an inaction movie. Pitting its ensemble cast of gunrunners and ne'er do wells against each other in a rundown factory, the film relishes the deliberately low-stakes in its greyhound-lean 90 minutes. While...More

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