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Fiction, Poetry, and Documerica

This year, City Paper decided to do something different with its Fiction and Poetry issue. Instead of soliciting reader submissions, we invited local fiction writer Susan Muaddi Darraj to guest edit our feature well of stories and poems. Darraj, fiction editor of Barrelhouse Magazine and former...

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Summer Food Issue

Baltimore’s favorite foods pay homage to the farmer’s market Last year, City Paper did a “Smoke, Meat, and Heat” issue and declared our intent to “expand the definition of barbecue,” so along with what you'd expect, we also focused on pit beef, that Maryland staple, and vegan BBQ by way of “jackfruit,”...

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Gallery owner, artist, once an insider, now a step away from being out

Dwight Whitley is better than this. His connections used to mean something. Back when George Winfield ran public works, Whitley would meet him at home after work and hang out. "His wife was a sweetheart," Whitley says. "He'd come in and say 'why'd you let this nigger in here?'" He laughs, remembering...

Eats & Drinks

  • Man and a Grill: Duane 'Shorty' Davis combines BBQ and activism

    Man and a Grill: Duane 'Shorty' Davis combines BBQ and activism

    Shorty Davis has his hands in everything. When Duane "Shorty" Davis isn't marching, demonstrating, training others on the ins and outs of organizing, working with the homeless, mocking and sometimes interrupting media outlets not up to his standards, or creating funny protest art in the form of...

  • Summer Crisps: Baking with the best of the season

    Summer Crisps: Baking with the best of the season

    It's the middle of summer and I feel a certain pressure to cook and eat as many of the delicious foods in season as possible. I don't want September to roll around harboring regrets of not having eaten enough tomatoes, corn, and peaches at the height of their ripe deliciousness. With your own garden...





'Star Trek Beyond' from 'Fast & Furious' director leapfrogs a low bar

After the poorly titled misfire of "Star Trek Into Darkness," one could be forgiven for assuming Paramount hiring "Fast & Furious" vet Justin Lin to direct the follow-up was the worst kind of Hail Mary. Diehards already quibble over J.J. Abrams realigning Gene Roddenberry's cerebral brand of science...More

Visual Art






'Hoax' brings marks into the con game

Flipping matching card pair after matching card pair onto the floor from a brand-new deck shuffled by a volunteer, Maxwell Fink spits, "You can't win if you play with me." Why? Because he's not just a magician, he may be the devil. Lights dim to the candy pop song 'Sh-Boom (Life Could Be a Dream).'...