Market Value

New Plans Aim to Change the Image, and Reality, of Lexington Market

Walk into Reading Terminal Market, an enclosed public market in downtown Philadelphia, and you'll find yourself surrounded by an...  more...

Super Fans to the Rescue

Super Fans to the Rescue

In the fifth inning at Camden Yards, the cameras leave the field and turn to the stands to find the “Fan of the Game....  more...

Avant-Garde Retreat

Avant-Garde Retreat: A Gonzo Take On Fields Festival

Someone left a cake out in the rain at Fields Fest. It was a glorious colorful cake; no one was quite sure who made it, or with what recipe,...  more...

Up For Debate

Prickly Questions About the Role of Nonprofits In Minority Communities

Students are gathered around a long table in a research lab-turned classroom at Coppin Academy on the campus of Coppin State University. The...  more...

Tough Act To Follow

Tough Act To Follow: In Like Flynn Tavern

There was a time when locals in the know popped down to the windowless J. Patrick¿s Pub in Locust Point to swill whiskey and beer in one...  more...

The Mail 8/27/14

The Mail 8/27/14

Suicide Solution

Murder Ink 8/27/14

Murder Ink 8/27/14


Lack Of Disclosure

As the fallout from the police killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri reverberates, City Paper wondered where the...

Expecting Trouble

Expecting Trouble: Director Dina Fiasconaro Shines A Light On Pregnancy And Psych Meds

The director of the upcoming documentary "Women and Meds" wasn't really one of those women. You know the ones--women who had "just known,"...

Double Indemnity

Playing At The Charles Theater: Double Indemnity, Directed by Billy Wilder

Film noir, especially as practiced by Billy Wilder, asks us to imagine a universe in which a man bleeding to death would spend his final 107...

Land Ho!

Film Review: "Land Ho!" Directed by Aaron Katz and Martha Stephens

Look, I wanted to give "Land Ho!" a chance. I really did. Sure, it looked like just another movie obsessed with the lives and choices of...

KIX, "Rock Your Face Off"

KIX, "Rock Your Face Off"

(Loud & Proud Records)

Normaling, "Corpus Callosum"

Normaling, "Corpus Callosum"

(Space is the Place)

Ami Dang, "In Auspices"

Ami Dang, "In Auspices"



Alloverstreet Is An Art Walk That Doesn't Suck

Art is the most honest way to deal with our inability to understand the world. Our knowledge of the world and its events is informed by...

Cosmic Thing

Cosmic Thing: Artists Explore Orders Of Scale At Area 405

The only thing missing from Brandon Morse's `Big Ear' installation is a self-serve psychotropics bar. The sound-and-video piece resides in...

Matter of Fact

Matter of Fact: Goya Contemporary Focuses On What Art Is Made Of

As I place my stained fingers on the lid of a wooden box, apparently painted by Nancy Spero, I can¿t help but think ¿Will I get into trouble...

Bad Lands

Bad Lands: Like Its Hero, Haruki Murakami's New Novel Is Mired In Colorless Ambiguity

Two college friends, Tsukuru and Haida, listen to `Le mal du pays (Homesickness),¿ the eighth piece of Franz Liszt's "Years of Pilgrimage,"...

Arcade Games Saved My Life

Arcade Games Saved My Life: Michael Kimball's "Galaga"

Just a few pages into Michael Kimball's "Galaga" (Boss Fight Books), an exploration of the 1981 coin-op arcade game (it's the one where you'...

Stuff White People Like to Write About

Baltimore Author Jess Row Imagines Racial Reassignment Surgery In "Your Face In Mine"

To be white and write about race is to fail at writing about race. That is the best you can do. This should embolden contemporary white...

Baltimore's Globe

Baltimore's Globe: The Chesapeake Shakespeare Company Brings The Bard Downtown--and Moves Indoors

In 2012, the Chesapeake Shakespeare Company was looking for a new home. It had outgrown its Howard County venues and founder and...

We Gave Peace A Chance

Baltimore Playwrights Festival Offers Timely Exploration Of The Lost Opportunity Of The 2000 Camp David Summit

The Camp David summit in the summer of 2000 has become a major talking point in the never-ending debate about the conflict between Israel...

Under the Poplar Trees

Under the Poplar Trees

The Holocaust has been the subject of so many movies, plays, and books that it may seem hard to find something new to say...

Three Months of Beer

Three Months of Beer

I’ve got a lot of ground to cover in 600 words, hopheads. 

Taste of Aloha

Taste of Aloha

1405 Sulphur Spring Road, Arbutus, (410) 501-3030,

Tough Act To Follow

Tough Act To Follow

There was a time when locals in the know popped down to the windowless J. Patrick’s Pub in Locust Point to swill...

Always Bet On Sport

I hate school, seriously, I have gone on record many times as saying there are many mornings I wake up (or regain...

I Went to Ripley's, Believe It Or Not

When the ladyfriend asked me out on a date recently and hinted we’d be heading toward the Inner Harbor on our...

Working Out the Kinks

Working Out the Kinks

My boyfriend of two years cannot climax or maintain an erection unless his testicles...

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