State of the Arts

State of the Arts

This year, we’ve decided to mix up the standard “Fall Arts Guide” formula. For...  more...

Separate But Equal

If we talk about silos, we also have to talk about inequality

In 2012, after my first six months of building the Baltimore Art + Justice Project (BA+JP) in the Office of...  more...

Light From the East

New gallery exhibits work of a dozen Middle Eastern artists

There is something almost clandestine about XOL Art Gallery, which is hidden in a small warehouse...  more...

Out the Mud

Out the Mud: Can poor black artists ever escape their pasts?

In Central Booking, Young Moose only gets two calls a day.   more...

The Detective and the Rapper

The long strange relationship between Detective Hersl and Young Moose

On Oct. 19, 2012 Kevron Evans, who raps under the name Young Moose, was arrested by Detective Daniel Hersl on the 1900...  more...

Queen of the East

Sheba Restaurant provides Ethiopian dishes of above-standard quality

As recently as two years ago, satisfying your craving for authentic Ethiopian food required a...  more...

Huffing and Puffing

Baltimore City Council considers bill to ban vaping wherever smoking's not allowed

A bill to restrict the use of vapor products, often called “electronic cigarettes”...

Brutal Reckoning

Developers are anxious to tear down the Mechanic Theatre and McKeldin Fountain, even without money to replace them

The McKeldin Fountain (dedicated as The Waterfall), which is expected to be demolished in the...

A New Struggle

Civil rights hero Helena Hicks is barred from an exhibit about civil rights heroes

The irony was lost on no one, least of all Dr. Helena Hicks. "Those white people who were with me suddenly got a taste of what it was like...

College Can Be A Drag

Drag performance is a way to heighten a college student's sense of identity

Shane Donovan Messick transforms himself from a well-mannered college student into...

Murder Ink

Murder Ink

Eleven Baltimoreans were slain in the first 11 days of October. Two more victims whose murders stem from violence that occurred years ago...

Unlikely Allies

'In The End, We Were Never So Different' locates serenity in the fog of war

Viewing Matthew Fishel’s silent animated short “In The End, We Were Never So Different&...

Film Review: "The Two Faces of January," Directed by Hossein Amini

Film Review: "The Two Faces of January," Directed by Hossein Amini

Now playing at the Charles Theater

"Paris, Texas," Directed by Wim Wenders

"Paris, Texas," Directed by Wim Wenders

Playing at the Charles Theater Oct. 11, 13, and 16

Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan: Damond Blue grows up, chooses beats over bullets

The video for Damond Blue’s song ‘Shorty’ features the Baltimore...

Map Ref. 39° N 76° W: What's up with indie music

This column used to be known as Rock Since The Bee Gees, and it was about all things “indie,&...

The Short List

The Short List

WEDNESDAY: Chicago-based bassist and composer Matt Ullery leads a quartet at An die Musik...

The Short List

The Short List

WEDNESDAY: Lute-and-drums duo Xylouris White plays the Metro Gallery with ...

Hip-Hop Saints?

Joyce J. Scott's show skewers the malignancy of self-righteous narcissism

Longer than it is wide, bell-shaped at one end, anchored by two ovoids at the other--yep, that's a peen. On display. In the art exhibition....


Lease Agreement show explores effects of conflict in Gaza

“Full Bleed” 

Paradise Garden

AVAM's annual show presents big gains for the museum

When I visited the Prado Museum in Madrid last year, I walked countless hallways filled with child-...

Hot Wheels

The Freddy Gallery Bars Its Windows, Courts New York, Hosts Show Of Miniatures

A caravan of miniature automobiles sets the scene: A white van, a box truck, and a cop car hang...

Immortal Beloved

Erstwhile Poet Laureate Rita Dove performs "Sonata Mulattica" with classical violinist

When Rita Dove comes to Howard Community College next Wednesday, the former U.S. Poet Laureate will be joined on stage by violinist Joshua...

Rogue's Tail

Rogue's Tail

When Robert Marbury pulls a squirrel’s skin out of his bag, the fur has something of a...

Vaccination Nation

Vaccination Nation

We all know the scene: a cold, sterile room; sleeve rolled up to expose the soft flesh of the...

Shiny Boots of Leather

Rep Stage dominates in being dominated

By the time Vanda (Kathryn Tkel) bursts into the small, officelike audition room, Thomas (Elan Zafir) not only wants to shoo her away...


Center Stage succeeds in showing Salieri's jealousy

It's a little too easy to reduce Peter Shaffer's play "Amadeus" to a high-concept soundbite: Famous but mediocre composer Antonio Salieri...

Odd Couple

Performance Workshop Theatre mixes intimacy and awkwardness

Small theaters may not be good for battle scenes or chorus lines, but they can't be beat when it comes to intimate bedroom encounters. The...

Queen of the East

Sheba Restaurant and Nightclub provides standard Ethiopian dishes of above-standard quality

As recently as two years ago, satisfying your craving for authentic Ethiopian food required a...

Arugula Salad with Bresaola and Manchego

In Season: Arugula Salad with Bresaola and Manchego

In what feels like an instant, summer has passed and we find ourselves squarely in the midst of fall. The onset of...

Cheap Eats

Cheap Eats: The Verandah

The Verandah advertises ¿the best darned Indian street food west of Mumbai.¿ Considering that the restaurant¿which has been located in a...

Pumpkin Challah

Pumpkin Challah

I know it’s sort of trite, but my favorite thing about autumn is the omnipresence of...

The Undercard: It Ain't Over Till It's Over--and It Ain't Over Yet. Wait, Is It Over?

After heading to Kansas City down 0-2, the Orioles faced the unenviable task of trying to climb out of the hole they¿d dug themselves in...

It's Cold and Flu and Ebola Season: Please to Go Wash Your Hands

Mr. Wrong: It's Cold and Flu and Ebola Season: Please to Go Wash Your Hands

Holy crap, I almost didn’t even notice, but it is now officially Cold and Flu season! Go wash...

Free Will Astrology

ARIES (March 21-April 19): New York City’s Diamond District is home to over 2,000...


Savage Love: Polyproblema

Four years ago, I met a man on a “married but looking” website. We...

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